AmSpirit Business Connections, Inc.

Member Accolades

Bob Interdonato (N Scottsdale BC)

Date: January 28, 2011

Summary: Arizona AmSpirit Member Promoted To General Manager Of XO Communications

Description: Bob Interdonato, of XO Communications and member of the North Scottsdale Business Connections Chapter, has been promoted to the position of General Manager of the Phoenix market. Bob began his career with XO Communications in 2002 as an Account Executive. While in that position Bob was recognized as a top performer in the Phoenix market for consistently exceeding annual sales targets. In 2005 Bob was promoted to Sales Manager where he continued his exemplary performance as a sales leader and received multiple awards to recognize his top level sales management performance. Under Bob’s direction, the Phoenix market has closed a number of strategic new logo wins. Bob can be reached at (602) 721-7326 or via email at