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Meet new people and make new connections at this upcoming networking event.

Deepen Relationships - Generate Referrals - Increase Sales     (Area Wide Event)

Join us (on ZOOM) for a live interview recording of the Networking Rx podcast – Thursday, July 25th at 2:00 PM Eastern.

You won’t just get to hear the raw program interview, but you’ll be able to engage in Q&A with Frank Agin’s guests, Bob Burg, Jeff West, and Kim Angeli (complete biographies are below).

In this interview, Frank will get these top sales practitioners to share how you can discover a different approach to selling that can distinguish you in the marketplace and help drive your business to never-before attained levels!

Some of the interview topics that will be covered will include:

• Why a simple shift in focus genuinely honors the other person and quickly elicits their feelings of like and trust.

• The neuroscience behind buying decisions and how to leverage it to build deeper, authentic relationships with prospects and clients.

• How to stay connected in such a human way that you turn your clients into “Personal Walking Ambassadors” and “Delighted Advocates of you and your business.

About Our Guests

Bob, Jeff, and Kim have a combined 100+ years of experience as sales professionals, sales leaders/manager, and entrepreneurs. They now share with others how to have business/sales careers that are a lot more fun, a lot less stressful, and a LOT more profitable!

Bob Burg ( Coauthor of the international bestselling business parable, The Go-Giver, Streetwise to Saleswise: Become ObjectionProof™ and Beat the Sales Blues, and author of the sales classic, Endless Referrals, Bob is a former top-producing sales professional who now shows entrepreneurs, leaders, and sales professionals how to build relationships, sell at higher prices/fees, and accelerate their business growth.

Jeff West ( After over 30 years in sales and sales leadership, Jeff now empowers sales professionals, large companies, and entrepreneurs to master FusionPoints™– to understand why prospects say yes or no… and how you can influence that decision. He is coauthor of the business parable, Streetwise to Saleswise: Become ObjectionProof™ and Beat the Sales Blues, and two other award-winning business parables.

Kim Angeli ( A former $65 million dollar producer in the technology sales field, Kim later took a struggling insurance company and built into a powerhouse. She now teaches sales professionals and entrepreneurs how to be “Unforgettable" in the minds and hearts of their clients, how to develop immensely loyal customers through genuine relationships (who buy again and again), and how to be positioned as their referral of choice.

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Thursday, July 25, 2024 2:00 PM Eastern
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ZOOM All Regions
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