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Meet new people and make new connections at this upcoming networking event.

The Five BIG Misses In Networking

Golf is a great game to generate business. But even if you don’t fancy chasing that little white ball, it’s a powerful metaphor for networking success that will empower you to take advantage the various opportunities that many miss when building relationships in their community.

- Create an enhance understanding of the networking potential.

- Define and implement five unique approaches to networking success.

- Create a litany of different things you can seek from your network.

This is program is presented by Frank Agin (founder and president of AmSpirit Business Connections). It is directed at participants on Alignable (the small business social platform) but now open to the general public.

ATTENTION … Towards the end, if you’re interested and have time, we’ll drop you into a short breakout to get acquainted with other participants.

Date and Time
Wednesday, September 11, 2024 2:00 PM Eastern
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ZOOM ... Link Below (No Registration Necessary) All Regions
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Cost: Free To Attend